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9/26/2016 11:27:23 PM


Ok 1st hear me out incase any of you have thought of this before but personally ive never seen anyone on this forum or anyone on a youtube video talk about this idea.... Take a look at this Photo but 1st read what i have to say so you understand the photo more! Ok when you get to the part where the floor lights up in a 3 by 3 grid and theres a hole in the middle where you jump down into the final boss. WELL, if you look down said hole with a sniper you can see VERY sneakly they have hidden a 3 by 3 grid down there with sybols on them and at 1st i was thinking "nah this cant possibly be anything" but then when i was looking into it a bit more i could see that 6 of them have the same symbol and 2 of them had different symbols on it. So to summarise... A 3 by 3 grid would make 9 squares in total. now when we look at the image we know the middle square is the one we jump down so that makes 8 instantly. then take out the 2 symbols that are different to the others and that makes 6 lights! were currantly looking into this as we speak and if you want to check my progress go check out my channel and ill keep you all updated! - HERES THE PHOTO - BUMP THE SHIT OUT OF THIS IF YOU THINK THIS COULD ACTUALLY BE SOMETHING.

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