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Изменено (daftpunk125): 9/23/2016 5:46:28 AM

Khvostov Questline not initiating via Ketch Corner Chest

I've already gone through the Khvostov questline and earned my exotic. However, for those characters that haven't gotten that schematic from that chest are not given a chance to start it to acquire the quest and mission. I figured it is just an annoying bug in the way. But I really want to get the schematics just to see that mission selection on the Cosmodrome map. I go back to the Ketch every time and even after finishing all of Rise of Iron quests and missions. Still, nothing out of that chest. I don't particularly expect other characters to be out of question for the options of starting the questline. I want to see what other people on the forums would like to say in this regard. Help a brother out and comment your experience. And if you've come back after reading this and trying it out for yourself, do you think my argument is valid?

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