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Pre-Order: The Iron Gjallarhorn Issue - What To Do.

So people have been saying they've pre-ordered RoI for the G-Horn and not seeing it. Some have said it's in their postmaster at Light Level 3 and can't use it. Not being able to use it is the result of having to acquire a Y3 G-Horn by completing the quest line. [quote]WHAT?! I mean, doesn't really bother me but it would have been nice to say this instead: Something along the lines of when you pre-order to get such items, it UNLOCKS the quest line for those who pre-ordered AND THEN you can use it. But the way Bungie made it seem was you get it right away. I figured it would be a low LL anyway. Regardless, wtf is up with this?! Am I complaining? Yes. But not because I don't have it. It's how they phrased it.[/quote] What's the real issue or way to solve this? [quote][/quote] [url=]Link[/url] [b]You have to complete the quest line first and obtain the Y3 G-Horn.[/b]

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