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PS4 Wrath of the Machine Raid Groups

Hello Guardians! With the raid releasing Friday, I would like to set up some groups to run the new raid on PS4 Friday. I can't run until after 9:30pm PST, but this topic is for all Guardians to create groups starting from release. I'll edit as people comment their availability and I'll create groups based on order you commented. Let's do this! Update: Come on guardians, let's get some groups together! Update 2: Friday Night group is potentially set. Anyone else that wants to run, I'll setup a 2nd group, and then 2nd group can jump into 1st group if need be. [u]Friday Night group (after 9:30pm PST):[/u] 1) Purestriker23 2) Iamfatboyrob 3)BlkAceJack44 4) x7uniqueswiftz7x 5) zombie501killa 6) (tentative) awolveswish [u]Group 2 (you will have to coordinate a time)[/u] 1) Six6caliber 2) Braveheart-93257 3) Bowdie93

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