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9/15/2016 5:22:42 AM

Question about the shift from Sterling to Radiant treasures

This will be my very first time using the actual Bungie Forums so bear with me if I mess things up haha. So with RoI on the rise, it's known to 99% of the players that the Sterling Treasures will be replaced with Radiant Treasures that consist of an entirely new lootpool. Will the Sterling Treasures (Or more the loot from the sterling treasures) still be available after RoI? I'm someone who jumped into the April Update rather late so I have only had about 14/15 treasures and it keeps dropping those damn Spektar pieces while I still need 2 more for the Desolate Armor and with that the 'Taken' Emote. I'd love to actually be able to get this without having to bank in on silver and buy treasures before RoI launches. Does anyone if they'll still be available? Thanks for reading!

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