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Exotic Armor Perk Buffs!!

In my opinion, there's a few exotics that desperately need their perks changed: [u]KnuckleHead Radar[/u] Your radar stays active while aiming down primary weapons. (Essentially third eye) This perk seems kinda useless. I think that this perk should be changed to where your radar stays active while aiming down any kinds of sights. Even sniper or heavy for example. [u]Skyburners annex: [/u] Heavy ammo kills have a chance to create orbs of light. Orbs collected when your super is full have a chance to grant special ammo. I personally think that there should be a very high chance for heavy to create orbs, and picking up orbs once your super is full should guarantee special ammo [u]Radiant Dance Machines[/u] You can move faster while aiming down sights This perk is ehh. I think it should grant QuickDraw to add on to it. It would make it much better, and make it useable. [u]Alchemist's Raiment[/u] Chance to gain glimmer on primary ammo pickup. Orbs collected when super is full recharge your grenade and melee. Why is this a thing? Why? I think the perk should grant "chain lightning " and "arc web" [u]The Stag[/u] Once per life, fast super charge when all team mates die. chance to spawn with an over shield. WHHYYYY? I think the super recharge is perfectly fine, but change spawning in with an over shield should be changed to the Stormcaller node "rising storm." [u]Eternal Warrior[/u] Grant "unstoppable" for striker I think this should also make it so when you activate fist of havoc, you should get your health back, like apotheosis veil Tell me if I'm missing anything that's not very good.

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