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9/7/2016 5:26:16 PM

What Three Things Would You Teach Your Children?

Let's hypothetically assume you are going to have children someday, or perhaps there are some of you who already have children of your own. [b]By the time your child has grown into an adult, what three things, more than anything else, would you hope they would have learned from you?[/b] For example, my answer:[spoiler]I hope my children would grow up understanding the importance of open-mindedness. That everything and everyone should be given a fair chance. I hope they'd learn to respect the opinions and views of others, even if those opinions and views may differ entirely from their own. And lastly, I'd hope they would be concerned with the world around them, and the people in it. To care about what's going on in that stranger's life. To be aware of all the good and bad in this world they're living in, and to want to do good for others.[/spoiler]

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