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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
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Cry of wolves.

[b]Witness our hubris.[/b] The Humans have a "law" in this world. They call it the law of the jungle. It says our name. "the wolf that shall keep it, may prosper. But the wolf that shall break it, must die." Have we broken this law? Why did we attack the kings? Why did we believe we could even harm them? So long ago.Then we came to this alien star. The houses despise our name. They claim us to be at fault when the kings called us to take the great machine. That Queen. No, it was our own fault. We attacked our own to claim power, ignoring the trap that the awoken set. It is our own fault that we did not reclaim the great machine. It was our own fault that we became enslaved. Skolas stepped forward. He claimed to be kell of kells. He could not hope to take the other houses. Why did he attack? He broke that "law" and because of this, he had to die. They call us wolves. Swift animals that hunt in packs. We always broke this "law of the jungle". Our hubris claimed our honor and our house. [b]We are the fallen wolves, hear our cry. [url=]Witness our hubris.[/url][/b]

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