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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Paladin Firebird): 8/26/2016 10:41:15 PM

To the lady guardians...

So my friend (who is a gaming chick) and I were doing raid right? So I send out an LFG and it took around 3 years for someone to send a message. Yeah I'm three years ahead. Those Vex gates are pretty useful. Anyways, I told her that I wasn't getting any luck. So she, cleverly, put out an LFG and put; "GIRL GAMER" on the LFG. [spoiler] "Clever girl." -Muldoon, Jurassic Park [/spoiler] Next thing I know, she was getting a bunch of messages. Geez, I wish I was able to have that much luck. Anyways, assuming you read the thing...wish the thing, I have to ask the female guardians of Destiny something. Would you guys (Guys, girls, it doesn't matter, WE'RE ALL GAMERS) do what she did, whether it be for fun or just plain anger with LFG? I swear, the results are just- well, BOOM! TL,DR: My friend put "GIRL GAMER" on LFG and got a bunch of messages [spoiler] those thirsty -blam!-s [/spoiler] and got a bunch messages. Anyways, I pretty much typed this up because I'm bored. EDIT 1: Keep those replies coming!!!! I'm super curious about what everyone has to say! Remember to bump! EDIT 2: WOW. There are a lot of great replies! I actually almost choked on my coffee because some of them were so funny! Keep the flow of- stuff - going! EDIT 3: Due to a few people not wanting all those spoiler thingies, I cut a few of them out! Hope that streamlines the reading!

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