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8/27/2016 2:18:58 AM
For real. Been here since day 1. Different account obviously. I feel like I just got shit on. I bought all the dlcs and season pass bullshit. I've stayed through the piles of BS you've numerously dropped on my effing face. Now, youre bitch asses want me to get a next gen console? And you're going about it by changing the "legacy" consoles? Almost feels as though the taken King came out again, and if I don't "upgrade" I can no longer enjoy the GAME I BOUGHT. "We hold the rights to change it blah blah blah I'm a dirty cheap whore..." All the words you've used before, just to try and convince us that this is the right way to go. And yet... With all the dlc give dropped,save TTK(because I was surprised you actually gave us WORTHWHILE DLC), you've made me feel like you've taken me for a ride. Not the good kind. The kind where you got your filthy STD infested mitts on my money. Like you actually thought the previous DLCs were worth the money you basically stole from me. Oh I'm mad? Shit, I almost thought I was making a point. Like for real, what is the point in making XUR ONLY XUR on NEXT GEN? Do we get an answer? Does Xur come around on legacy with some quests now? Telling us why he sucks ass now? "Oh you can still get legacy engr....." Shut the -blam!- up. This is year ...3? TTK or what the -blam!- ever. I bought your -blam!-ing tricks, let me enjoy them. But no, for reasons only -blam!--gie will ever know, our Xur, legacy Xur, is pretty much only there to exchange OUR coins, for HIS coins...... Bungie, when the -blam!-, did I ask you to -blam!- me over like that? I don't remember asking. I remember you asking what we thought you could do to make destiny better...... Remember that? I do. And I'm positive, NO ONE said, "Let's make Xur not sell exotics anymore!" ........... Activision.bungie..... Get your heads out your @$$3$, and G37 ¥0U® $#17 T0G3TH3®

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