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Изменено (EnderReaper666): 8/22/2016 1:28:38 PM

[XB1] [PS4] xAllegiancex Opens up to XBONE

[u]xAllegiancex[/u] We are an international clan who used to specialise in PS4 players but have recently opened up to XBONE also. We run in excess of 100 - 200 Events per week e.g Raids, PvP Runs, Iron banner and more. If you want you can also request events too. All the Admins are friendly and will take the time to teach anything you don't already know. We also hold various tourneys and prize events. Check us out and hope to see you play soon. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. :) [b]Featured clan[/b]: [url][/url] [b]Twitch[/b]: [url][/url] [b]Youtube[/b]: [url][/url] [b]Website[/b]: [url][/url] [b]Founder: StevieBizzle[/b] [i]If you do decide to join us please list your referrer as: EnderReaper666 [/i]

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