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All the lies Hello Games told us about No Man's Sky. {See Edit3}

[i]I want to start by saying I did not make this Reddit post and the person who did worked very hard on it.[/i] I'll give all of you a summary, then bullet points in case you don't want to read the full post (it's long). Basically, he goes through every reveal trailer, vidoc, announcement, video, etc and cross checks it with the game, he has sources for everything. He found [b][i][u]many[/u][/i][/b] features had been down right cut out of the game. I recommend you read the actual post bit I will give bullet points: [spoiler][u]-Misc. Gameplay[/u] ---No landing on asteroids ---No way to destroy freighters or fleets ---Freighters or fleets don't actually move [u]-NPC Interaction[/u] ---Faction affiliation has been completely trivialized ---Faction rep means nothing for the world ---Faction rep grants no special rewards ---Faction battles don't actually exist in the game nor does any faction to faction interaction [u]-Space, planets, and stars[/u] ---No ringed or sand planets ---Planets don't actually rotate in their axis nor do they orbit their stars ---Stars don't actually exist in the game, they are just skyboxes ---Moons don't orbit their planets [u]-Ships/Flight[/u] ---You cannot scan it name ships ---Flight has been completely simplified ---All ships function exactly the same except for slot size [u]-Trading, Resources, and crafting[/u] ---Trading no longer has any depth or complexity ---(there is a long list of things he has, you will have to see the Reddit post) [u]-Creatures[/u] ---Environment doesn't attack animals ---Animals don't attack each other ---The only way to interact with them is to walk near them or feed them ---Animals don't interact with the environment other than an eating animation that doesn't do anything [u]-Planetary Surface Features[/u] -Water plays much less of a role than was shown -No crashed freighters can be explored nor do they exist -(there is something about portals but I am unable to get far enough in the game to know what he means) [u]-Sentinels[/u] ----Sentinels come in no more than four at a time ---Sentinels have a huge hit box ---They don't pose any real threat [u]-Misc.[/u] ---We all know about the 'multiplayer' controversy ---(Something about beacons but I don't know enough to 'paraphrase' correctly) ---Hacking doors is no longer in the game [/spoiler] That is my rough run down of his post. Again, I definitely recommend you read the real post. I was angry at Hello Games for releasing an unfinished game but I am now merely sad for them. They had a very good idea and I feel that the marketing and size that Sony gave it. They are doing something way beyond their team size and I salute them for it. All I have to say on that is good luck to Hello Games on this rocky journey they are on. Back to the point of this post. There has been a lot that was cut from the game. On top of that the game was shipped broken. There could be many reasons for these cuts but Hello Games has not responded to it so we can't know for sure. [b]What do you all think about these cuts? Does it change your opinion on the game? What theories do you have behind them?[/b] I strongly recommend you all leave an upvote and a comment on his Reddit post. Edit spoiler:[spoiler]If you guys find any spelling errors or discrepancies, let me know. [b]Edit1:[/b] If you're here to bitch, please don't. Let's keep it calm and PG, guys. [b]Edit2:[/b] Jesus -blam!-ing Christ this post exploded. Again, let's keep it PG and mostly friendly here. This is merely information sharing, not a flame war.[/spoiler] [u][i][b]Edit3:[/b] I'm putting this one out of the spoiler because it is important. This is becoming a hate post. I was just saying information to start but it has come to people who like the game and people who don't arguing. If it continues, I will remove this post.[/i][/u] Thank you for your time.

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