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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
8/20/2016 4:00:51 PM

A loving farewell, and a hope to meet again. (fan letter, i hope you read.)

I love destiny. I played beta. I played xbox 360. I played Xbox one. But as monty oum once wrote: now its time to say goodbye. Destiny, you were a brilliant game. Heck, im writing this between IB rounds, clutching my universal remote. Cleaning my 1k yard stare. But its over. You are over. I was a part of the 15th ever vog run, and top 50 hard modes. It was a delightful challange for my masochistic mind. It brought me back to resident evil. Then you ruined it with dark below, taking the difficulty and the guns, and my sense of control. I was who i was made to be, not who i chose. Gjallarhorn became a hated trinket, an easy mode. With terrible pvp, the community became toxic, so i took a break, playing dishonored and writing fanfic. Then your neglect came. Thorn and Tlw stomped everything. I had an affair with dark souls, picking up all of them from demon souls to ds2. I stayed out for a long time, missing HoW. I never ran strikes, got a faction or anything. It wasnt worth my time. It was easy... And i missed the october events. I left. And i didnt look back. Until whispers came of TTK. I teetered on the edge. I played to be ready for a challange. And i loved every second. Hours of bullets peircing skulls in crucible got me 3 maxed chs. I was ready. And it was too. I stood amongst the first. Hardcore gamers and i fought oryx, my friends powering into the story with me. Until... It ended. The story was good, and then there was nothing. Quests were shallow, and linear. The raid was brilliant, and required brainwork. I was again among the first to complete it, fighting tooth and nail. I brought him down, weilding a hawksaw. I read the grimoire, my completionist mind finding everything and everything. Falling into gaps in the lighthouse, and jumping around the darkblade. But once again, it happened. The content drought begun, and trials became a chore rather than competition. My college work took over, ds3 was announced, and no news came of updates. I was removed. Even my friends had left, some with me. Ds3 had drawn us with a sense of exploration, and kept us with rewarding difficulty and beatiful landscapes. Immersive lore you never provided. True choice in play. The april update flew by. The SRL and CD event flew by. I didnt care. I threw myself at anor londo, and nameless goons in dishonored. Playing terraria against 2d sprites became more entertaining. Addicting. I had lost destiny. Now, ROI comes, but i wont. I refuse. This is what you promised me from the start. Yet you still deny me lore, choice and free will. You are promising what you want to deliver. Not what you do deliver. So, i leave you. Ds will take my hours as i move to university. My money will go to dishonored 2, and friends will fade. Because truly, you are a shadow of what you could have been. So prove me wrong, destiny. Show me your lore, landscape and linear story. I will wait until destiny is truly what i wanted to play. Because it wont compete. It simply cant. Tl;dr: I love you, but now you rest. Goodbye.
#Destiny #bye

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