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Destiny 2

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Изменено (PhNx Hellfire): 8/17/2016 5:53:53 AM

Destiny 2 concept

Playing through recent Iron Banner matches sparked an idea. Between the various weapons, loadouts, ect. there seemed to be something missing I was noticing and then the solution hit me. Creativity for Destiny 2 could utilize weapon and armor specifications. Take, for example, our old ship blueprints? Why not make a few weapons out it? Maybe a few pieces of armor which you can customize for endgame stuff? This really does depend on the original concept of an economy in Destiny. You go on patrols? Ok. You get to sell material towards the vendors, ect.. You then go to the gunsmith and inquire about the possibility of making a level 40, legendary scout rifle. He says, "Sure. 15,000 glimmer and I'll have it ready for you in a week." Want an armor? Introduce a new vendor or go see a Faction leader. Want the sweet level 40 legendary DO chest piece? Ok. He says 13,000 glimmer and we need to run this errand in the cosmodrome afterwards to test it out, then report back on the progress and how you like it. Simple enough in concept, but when you think about how vaults and kiosks work to basically show the collection of things? It can be used to combine specific sights, perk loadouts based on model possibilities, and locking up the gear needed to do a hard mode raid/trials run? I think that progression system will reward those who truly do play endgame content all the time. These events are fun and all, but when I've seen the same shotgun with the same perks and the same kill ranges? Let's make it a little more diverse.

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