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My first No Man's Sky experience.

This is a bit of a story but I'll put a TLDR at the bottom. My new PC build came on Friday. I had some case size issues but those were sorted out quickly and it got built that night. On Saturday morning I download Windows and Steam. The first game I download is No Man's Sky. Now my Steam account doesn't own the game but I share it (and the new PC) with someone else in my house. So I start up the game. It runs at about 30 fps dropping all the way to 10. My new PC has an: Intel I7 6700k GTX 1080 8 gig of vram Gigabyte motherboard This should have been a -blam!-ing cake walk. After about five times watching the initialize thing and all of that useless AI talking and auto looking I got the settings to "work". It still drops frames everywhere. Once I was finally able to play I was mesmerized. It has some amazing content. I was scanning creatures, discovering ores, shooting robots, and best of all: having fun. It is very good. However, when I first went into space, I found a space station. I did some trading and etc, that's all good, but when I went back down to my planet all of my discoveries weren't mine. It says that all of my discoveries we made by the person who is sharing the game with me. Before you start saying "it was your own fault" I was logged in as me, in Windows and in Steam. There have been other games, like Elite Dangerous, where I own it and I share it with him. This doesn't happen on said games. So, after about three more restarts and six more hours, it was still happening and there was no fix. I have concluded that this is without a doubt the worst PC port since Arkham Knight. Take away my sharing issues, it is horribly optimized and has some major issues. That was my experience. The game will be great once these issues get fixed. [b]Have any of you other PC or PS4 players had any issues playing No Man's Sky?[/b] TLDR/Edit spoiler:[spoiler]TLDR: My discoveries kept getting overwritten by the person who shares the game with me and he hasn't started it yet. On top of that there are major optimization issues. What are your experiences? [b]Edit1:[/b] I have got it to run at a semi-stable 60fps at max graphics (as it should have from the beginning). However it still drops down to about 15fps every 10 seconds. I also still can't actually play the game until the Steam sharing bug gets fixed. [b]Edit2:[/b] After many attempts to fix it, I still can't make progress without it getting deleted. This game is a complete waste of money and I do not reccomend that anyone buys it. Back to Elite Dangerous I go.[/spoiler]

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