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Изменено (TheBlackLahnik): 5/23/2015 6:03:27 PM

Fireborn is OP in Trials or Osiris

In Trials, if you die, you stay dead until someone revives you. That's it. That's the way it should be. No Warlock should be able to self-rez in the Trials. That's just my two cents. What do you guys think? [b]EDIT: After playing Trials for a bit longer, I realized that Fireborn is not as OP as I thought. It just takes some getting used too. I have read most of the comments so far, and some are convincing and actually have evidence behind why it isn't OP (or is), and other's are just bashing me for my opinion (which is now not what I think anymore). Cruelocity is right in saying that I made this post out of rage because my fireteam kept getting absolutely wrecked when the enemy self-rezzed. We now have evolved, and plan for that. Like some people said "Make sure to watch the dead ghosts and plan for the attack." Other people are right in saying that if one super is disabled, then all should be. Some are right in saying that if a self-rez can turn the tide of battle, so can a Golden Gun or Titan Smash. I realized that Fireborn is not OP. It's just a tactic that I need to learn from and adapt too. I apologize for my ignorance. On the upside, Trials is amazing and a great competitive game mode. One more complaint though, when you get disconnected for a Trials match, it shouldn't mark you down for a loss, especially when you have a Mercy of Osiris. That is all. I appreciate everyone's feedback. You guys changed my opinion on Fireborn! Congrats haha[/b]

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