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BungieAPI incorrectly identifying ToO games as ties

I'm not sure if this has been reported yet or not, but there is a way to get the API to report a tie in ToO when it was really a loss or a win. This could likely be a game and not an API issue, but I don't know where to report weird game issues like this; since the data is being delivered via the API I'm calling, I'm reporting it here :) This is 100% caused by user behavior, but since the trials passage correctly identifies the win or loss, I'd expect the PGCR API to return correctly whether it was a win or loss. Anyway, here's the game in question: And: Note that all 6 players are reported as DNF on DestinyTracker, but I can assure you, while watching DrLupo's twitch stream, the game was definitely a loss and everyone stayed in the game through the win/loss registering on the trials passage. People who are trying to go quickly through Trials tend to hold Y/triangle to exit the game right after the last kill. The game UI reports a win or a loss, the passage card gets a win or a loss attached to it, but the data coming from the PGCR API shows the game at 4/4 and reports a tie. This only happens on 4W/4L final rounds. If the game was at 4W/1L and people leave before the rewards screen, the PGCR correctly identifies the game as a win, but keeps the score at 4W/1L.

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