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8/9/2016 4:03:36 PM

Switching from XB1 to PS4

So I have been thinking of switching from XB1 to PS4. I don't care about console comparison or the minor extra content on the platform. I am just switching as most of my XB1 mates have moved on from this game. I may want to get RoI but not sure if this is the best time to switch due to release approaching soon. I think it will be a lot of grind to start fresh on a new platform and try to get all the way up to max light. I have been playing since Dec '15 so have pretty much maxed out everything and done all activities. I just want to switch as I am getting a new console and PS4 w Destiny is logical choice as that's the game I play most. So for anyone who has done this kind of switch... Is it worth it or should I just stick with XB1 and hope Destiny 2.0 will be a good place to start on new platform. I tried Destiny on PS4 at a show recently and like the better experience but the controller was awful compared to XB1 controller so a bit worried about that too... Any pointers?

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