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Refer-A-Friend HELP---Possibly SOLVED

I got an Xbox One for a my birthday, and my friend bought me a used copy of Destiny, and a Xbox cash card thingy to get the DLCs. He told me about this Refer a Friend quest, but we can't get it to work. It just says i haven't played Destiny The Taken King yet. Edit(clarification): He is a long time Destiny player, owns his own copy, two in fact, cause he bought both collectors editions(nerd.) He bought me a used copy from Gamestop, and $30 in Xbox credit thingies, and helped me put them towards the Taken King DLC. So we both own our own copies I think, idk what gameshare is, so I don't think I did that. Edit2: I am through the intro mission, and through the first mission on Phobos(which was awesome.) Edit3: Per /u/xXErienaXx instructions, I contacted Microsoft after exhausting all other troubleshooting options. The very nice lady I chatted with told me some information I could not find anywhere else so I will put it here for anyone else who gets stuck in my position in the future. 1.) The license for hard copy content(disc based versions of games) is on the disc, not tied to your account in any way. 2.) There is an ongoing bug where it takes 48-72 hours from time of purchase for digital content licenses to show up on your account(I can play Destiny: TTK right now, but if I inspect "My Games" on under "My Xbox" there is nothing listed.) They're aware and working on a fix. 3.) There is no problem using used hardware or content in terms of licenses(i.e. both my Xbox and copy of Destiny(physical copy) were used, so we were wondering if maybe somebody had Destiny on the console before, like the previous owner. This would not make a difference or affect this quest whatsoever) These were things we suspected, but I couldn't find any concrete answers on any of this, so hopefully it helps someone else. I will update again after the 48-72 hour window.

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