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Social Space Transfer

Hello, I'm really hyped about Rise of Iron and can't wait to get my hands on it, however, I have one issue that I'd like to share. This may have been covered in another post on here and I apologise if it has. As we are getting another new Social Space in Rise of Iron, I think it's time to bring in some sort of Social Space Transfer System. It's really annoying when you go to the Tower, have the huge load time then realise you need to go to the Reef. So then you have to go back to orbit, which isn't exactly instant, then load up the Reef and when you get there remember one thing you wanted to do in the Tower which you forgot. You then have to go to orbit..... I think you get the idea. I think this issue could only get worse with 3 different Social Spaces to go to. Maybe we could have a terminal to go to, to directly send us to another Social Space? or maybe bring out your ghost and hold A/X for Reef and B/Circle for Felwinter Peak if you're in the Tower for example. Cheers Bungie - I892 -

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