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Counter It

For the love of the Giant Spaghetti Monster, please learn how to counter something before you put a nerf post up. For every weapon or ability, there are at least three counters, so really think about it. See a Shoulder Charging Striker- Run away, jump around, or shoot at them A Defender killed you when you went in his bubble- Don't go in the bubble again for pasta's sake! Use your own super, or just stay as far away from the bubble as possible. It can't follow you like a Truth Rocket can. Oh No, Last Word- Stay out of Close Quarters, dodge their shots with evasive movements like strafing because they only have 8 m8, and even using vertical space on that vegetable. Sniper Rifle (Aw man)- Don't put your head straight into that sniper lane, try to make yourself as hard to shoot as possible by again using vertical space and jumping around, and go to places that the hardscoping camper won't expect. These are just a few examples of how to counter things and I would expect everyone to think really hard of at least three counters for every weapon/ability that you feel is overpowered, and if you genuinely can't, then post it here and I will find them. Stop complaining and start countering. #CounterIt

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