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Изменено (KATINA LUNARA): 8/2/2016 3:36:09 PM

Looking for a similar group as Husky Raids,Datto or Raven

[i]Hello everybody so i am looking for a group that knows how to have FUN so if i find one i am creating our very own bungie clan,youtube channel, Twitter ETC to do a bunch of stuff just like raids,trials old school stuff hell we can even move on to other games my dream of our clan is to be like Husky Raids, Datto`s fireteam and doing challenges like they do or did such as defeating the warpreist with supers only and so on just one thing MAKE SURE TO HAVE TEAMSPEAK FOR OUR CHAT I WILL TRY MYSELF TO CREATE ONE IF IT WONT WORK WE WILL THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE LIKE SKYPE OR SO because ps4 parties usually -blam!- up and mess the whole youtube video plus it only hold 6 to 7 people in i think so it definitly wont work so if interested msg or skype: gothicalpeter199 Note: 1- We naturally gonna have our ups and downs creating and growing our "Everything" so do not lose hope 2- Must be active for daily youtube videos uploads 3- NO DRAMA OR TROLLS 4- PATIENCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE [i][/i] 5- BE TALK-ACTIVE people wont like the silence of a person

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