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Изменено (Fearless_Wolf): 7/31/2016 3:38:10 AM

Future Job at Bungie ;)

Hello Bungie. I'm a big Destiny fan and ever since I played it I wanted to work at Bungie with an awesome crew of progammers,designers, etc. Destiny was like love at first sight since my parents didn't want me playing Mature games :'( . Now that I am 14 years old, I know that I should work at Bungie Headquarters. Unfortunately, I am pretty young and I have no experience in Game creation :( . I am aiming at becomming a Gameplay designer for you guys ( Yes, I looked at the available positions in the career section haha). I made this post so that maybe you could tell me the path towards that sweet gameplay designer spot at Bungie Headquarters. I am hoping that maybe it will be still there when I arrive in 10-ish years. (im in Grade 3 of high school). Well I hope that my message was conveyed to You and that You may help in this adventure towards my rightful seat in Your office! -Fearless Wolf Twitter: @xXgetrektm8Xx

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