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Dregs promises ch3

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Epilok had made it to the European dead zone. It was very dead as the name stated. He saw some guardians fighting and wondered why they fought. Ghost said they were practicing in a thing called crucible since ghosts could revive guardians. Epilok asked if he could revive him. Ghost said you don't have enough light,I'm sorry. Epilok pondered on this topic and how to get light. He decided to take his mind off of it by reading his journal. Day three I now have the hang of this 2 arm thing. It's really weird. Mom is crying and I don't know why. Ghost said,i could get you light. Epilok asked how. Ghost said you would have to destroy a being of pure darkness.ghost said on the moon there were many. Ghost had one in mind. Ghost said,you should kill reloom,promise of oryx. So epilok left for the moon. When they got there lots of old Chinese tech was found. They made they're way to the hellmouth. When they got there a knight was protecting. He opened his dark gloomy eyes. What may I do for you with a smirk. I want to kill reloom. He stopped praying and said,i will let you fight reloom if you kill me. The knight laughed and picked up his sword. The dreg pointed and shot. The knight ran at him sword In hand. This went on for a long time finally with his last dying breath the knight said you...are...worthy. He opened the gate and fell to the ground. Epilok walked in. It took a long time to get to the bottom. When he did he saw three wizard feeding darkness to an ogre. The ogre looked up and the wizards disappeared. He said hello. Why do you think you are worthy. Because I killed the knight answered epilok. The ogre screamed a terrible prayer,may death be upon this one. And the battle begun. Near the end the ogre got enraged and grabbed epilok and said,good bye warrior of light. Epilok quickly aimed and shot into the ogres mouth. It screamed and died. You did it,said ghost. You now have light. Then he realized he betrayed his species. And as he was thinking the light whispered to him,let this gun be known as the dregs promise. To be continued Leave as much feedback as possible Thank you for making this happen Table of contents: Ch4:

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