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7/15/2016 1:53:57 PM

Strange Coins, Motes, and 3oC if you're already at 335

buy 3oC and try to get exotic engrams to decrypt AFTER ROI


save strange coins and motes of light


buy 3oC and try to get exotic engrams to decrypt BEFORE ROI


Gorilla Farts smell horrible


nothing. just play and have fun


So, I was wondering what people were doing (if anything) to prep for Rise of Iron regarding strange coins, Motes, and 3oC. My situation is that I have 1 character at 335 (certain gear loadout) with the other two able to reach 334. I have pretty much every exotic I want. I used to use 3oC often to try and get 335 gear to use or infuse, but now I don't feel that it's necessary. Would you still buy 3oC and try to collect exotic engrams? Save your strange coins / motes? Etc.

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