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Stop people from leaving PvP Games!

Fix this problem


Don't fix this problem


All destiny players know the struggle of getting into a match, and starting badly. This only get worse when people leave! You then are put at a disadvantage, where people join a game in progress where they are losing, and they don't want to stay in that lobby, effectivley leaving 2-3 people facing a full fire team. Bungie, implement something to discourage players from leaving lobbies, like how Activision temporarily bans players from Multiplayer if they leave too many matches in an allotted timespan. I think leaving 4 games within 2 hours is enough. We actually want people to stay in lobbies, not just leave them, because then it isn't a fun experience for those who are the 2-3 on the losing side, and especially with the Rise of Iron coming up, with new players, don't discourage them from PvP by them getting absolutely blown out by players more skilled than them, and then have their fireteam leave. It would definitely be a deal breaker for me. I just got into PvP in year 2 because of this exact reason in year 1. I would only play crucible in fireteams, so then I knew that people wouldn't leave, but getting a whole fireteam of six into casual crucible is not easy, even with LFG, because people would rather do the raid or nightfall. Please address this Bungie, you would make so many people happy if you did. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Vote if you want this fixed in some way, not exactly the way I mentioned, in a way Bungie feels the need to handle it.

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