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Shaxx Questline and how it can destroy multiple Guardians crucible experience

Hey everybody, Hey Bungie-Staff As I'm not the guy who is creating a Topic about everything i don't like, this is my first one ever. It's about the Crucible Questslines and how much of a struggle they are to me as a Player, who just can't play 6v6 gamemodes. Back in the Beta of Destiny those gamemodes worked just fine for me - since release of the game though i can't play them anymore because of lag issues. That's not the problem though - although i sometimes miss 6v6 i accepted it to be that way. So i was only playing 3v3 modes from that point on. Now there were released multiple questlines, rewards and more where you have to play 6v6 modes. As a huge PvP fan of course i wanted to complete Shaxx questline - which i did. And I'm sure while i did so, not only i was frustrated about me performing so badly because of lag but also my teammates and sometimes opponents about that laggy guy who should just quit the crucible. I've been told that many times via messages. That's the reason i only played through this questline with one of my Guardians. Which means there are two more characters with which i'd have to complete this struggle, which won't ever happen the way the System works right now. I just don't want to spend my time getting angry about lagging and i also don't want to destroy others Guardians experiences in crucible with my lags neither. Problem is though - i want my other guardians to earn Shaxx respect aswell ;). Hopefully i could explain my point of view of this situation. Maybe you could even change something about it like giving players the coice between a 6v6 and a 3v3 questline. Just let the one daily 6v6 match i sometimes have to play to earn my legendary marks the only one i have to play. Thanks for reading - Cu in Skirmish

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