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Upgrading from Last Gen to Current Gen is Not Hard

I'll apologize in advance for the mini rant that is about to ensue. Simply put, anybody who complains about not being able to upgrade to a current gen console is not spending their money wisely. There is no way around this fact. We are now almost three years into this consoles life span. Many other developers have decided to make newer games exclusively on current gen only. Others E.x Call of Duty have severely limited the experience you have on past (Legacy) gen consoles. Why are people in this community upset at Bungie for wanting to create the best possible experience with Destiny moving forward? Simply put, a person could've saved 5-10 bucks a month from 06-13 and would've been able to afford a XB1 or PS4 very shortly after their initial release. Furthermore, with how many different options people have nowadays to purchase a current gen console you have no one to blame but yourselves. I'm sure I'll hear stories about how some people really can't afford the current gen and for a very small percentage of people that will be true. However for the vast majority of people it's a lack of saving money and personal budgeting and finance. Simply put, work and save money for a new console. (Some people are physically not able to work due to disability and that's a different situation entirely). Bungie has a responsibility to put out the best possible product for their customers, this means improving a video game and not having to worry about the constraints of old technology (Legacy Consoles) Two years into this games life cycle has given plenty of people time to upgrade. I'm looking forward to seeing many people moving forward from Legacy Consoles to current gen. I'm also excited to see what Bungie can do without being shackled by the technological limitations of the 360 and PS3. Rant Over.

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