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Slow motion showing effects you didn't notice in Destiny!

(repost from Reddit: [i]Edit: a lot of people are asking about MoTW. I've got runner up with Liftoff, but if you love Ignition let Cozmo ( know! My Creations uploads don't work. Thanks :)[/i] I recently released a HUDless PvP video with a lot of slow motion effects. Between this video and the last one I made I've noticed a lot of things in Destiny I never even knew were there! Here are some examples with images so you don't have to watch the videos if you don't want to, but I mean, it looks awesome in the vids! ------------------------------------ [b]Effects[/b] [i]- Shotguns have an epic smoke effect: [/i] Usually your on the shooting or receiving end of this, but it looks amazing from the side. [i]- Blood (dirt) on the screen:[/i] I'm not just talking about the red flashing around the border of the screen! Playing HUDless you can see dark blood spots around the corner of the screen when you are hurt and it looks amazing! [i]- Fist of Havoc creates a lightning storm around you from the air till you hit the ground: [/i] This one really caught me off guard. I've been playing Striker Titan since day 1 and I always thought the effect really started when you hit the ground. It looks pretty awesome in the air too though! [i]- Sunbreaker super has pieces of flames coming off the way a real fire would:[/i] I just love this effect. This one is probably more noticeable, but I thought I'd include because it looks so cool. [i]- The Traveler has clouds that travel around it very slowly, but sped up you can see the pattern: [/i] (to see here is exact spot in video: It even reverses if you stare at it long enough. Along with this, there is fog that follows a pattern under in the city below that is worth taking a look at! [i]- Killed enemy players can occasionally look like they are giving you... a surprise: [/i] With the gun dropping off the player as soon as they are killed, it looks like they are shooting with a different finger. :P ------------------------------------ [b]Here are the videos if you'd like to see some of these effects in motion.[/b] Ignition (HUDless): Liftoff: ------------------------------------ I hope you appreciate Destiny's art a little more :) What are some effects you've noticed that maybe others have not before? [b]TL;DR: [/b]Destiny has some amazing art that's hard to see sometimes.

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