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Do you like top of the line games for half off?

On Xbox Live Gold sales, Forza Motorsport 6 is half off. This is quite easily the most realistic and intricate racing game every made. With the new NASCAR DLC, they have updated the game for everyone with the most realistic drafting and air motion physics. When racing in the rain your car will hydroplane across puddles. During night races the whole track is pitch black with only the lights of your car and others' cars to guide you. The game runs in a stunning 1080p 60fps with zero framerate drops, screen tearing, or any other corner cutting things devs do to keep up performance. It features 24 car races in campaign and MP. It has 450+ cars all with amazing detail and full Forzavista capabilities (you can walk around the car, get in it, open the doors, etc) which also means every single car has a cockpit view with full detail. There is a full tuning menu for racers who want full control of how their car handles. Truly this game is a masterpiece of detail and content. I recommend it for anyone who wants the premier racing experience. [b]Will you be getting FM6?[/b] If not, tell why, maybe I can persuade you. If you already have it come share stories and convince others to buy it. [spoiler][b]Edit1:[/b] For those of you who don't have an Xbox One, Forza Motorsport Apex is free on the Windows store but is [u]very[/u] graphics intensive. [b]Edit2:[/b] I forgot to mention that Forza features a full livery maker and paint customizer. You can easily just change the color of your car or you can get intricate and make amazing designs. Thank you for your time.

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