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More Info on MoT

[url=][/url] So the Reddit user vivekhnz has uncovered a bit more info about the upcoming Moments of Triumph. Full credit goes to him for this discovery, I'm just reposting here or greater visibility. [i]-The new Moments of Triumph will be presented in an item similar to the SRL record book.[/i] [i]-The book contains two pages, one for 'Destiny - Year Two' and one for 'Moments of Triumph.'[/i] [i]-On IGN's Fireteam Chat, Scott Taylor confirmed the Y2 Moments of Triumph will go live on Bungie day, July 7th and will be [u]in-game.[/u][/i] I'll update with more info when/if it becomes available. Looking forward to Bungie day! Edit: Due to the nature of the book, there are questions about whether this will be a paid item. My understanding is that it will not be, this is simply a way to track the quest in-game, as opposed to using the companion app.

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