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1/9/2016 7:00:36 PM

New service wrapper in C# and on NuGet

Others have attempted this, but I believe my approach is philosophically different. I wanted this to be as easy to use as possible. So, grab your API key, create a project (WPF, Windows Store, Windows Phone, whatever) then run Add-Package bungie from the NuGet Package Console. Everything you'll need to explicitly reference is in the Bungie namespace: [quote]using Bungie;[/quote] Create a service with your API key:[quote]var service = new DestinyService(apiKey);[/quote] Then go to town:[quote]var membershipId = await service.GetMembershipIdByDisplayName(MembershipType.Xbox, "kodefuguru");[/quote] Methods are defined in IDestinyService, so dependency injection or decoration is no problem. The pattern of using an asynchronous service gateway is established, but method names/signatures and models are subject to change as I continue to map the platform. All source code is released under the MIT License and available at [url][/url].

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