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Изменено (VictorFreeze): 4/10/2016 9:21:30 AM

Are tTK faction ships even in the loot pool anymore?

So I've gone from rank 30 to 100 since tTK on my my main and 3 to 25 on my alts in the FWC. I have all the Shaders and Emblems and since the old ships were re-added to the loot pool all of them as well. I've also gone from 10 to 40 on an alt and 3 to 25 with NM on an alt/main. Again Shader/emblem/old ship got. The same deal with Dead orbit EXCEPT i got the "Kondratyuk's Escape" in week one of tTK release. As of this posting none of the tTK ships are in the armory and they aren't classified like NTTE or SS as i can still switch them around with the app. So my question is simple: Are the tTK ships even in the loot pool? Edit: All replies I've heard is that it drops at rank 25. This doesn't appear to be part of the loot table but a guaranteed drop.

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