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Изменено (Contim5): 6/7/2016 1:58:31 AM

Heres my story about how destiny changed these kids

Today while I was perusing target, a group of six kids rush into the store. Once they made inside, some kid in a ghost costume comes from behind one of the registers and yells "WE'VE AWOKEN THW HIVE!" After the kid yells this, the kids start opening fire on us with BB guns that were tricked out to look like exotic weapons from the game. After they mowed down most of the people, the store manager and security came out. One of the kids, who looked to be the alpha of the group, yelled that the knights were out. He gave the command to start shooting them until they fell unconscious from the BBs. One of the kids ran up to the security officer on the ground and took his night stick. He yelled at his group to fire everything they had at the manager. Once the manager flinched, he ran up to him and beat him with the night stick. After he fell onto the ground with a bloodied face, the kids all came up to him and started tea-bagging him. They all cheered and ran through the store grabbing their "rewards" and then they ran out of the store never to be seen again.

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