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Sidearms In Depth

Read instead. [b]Long Post![/b] Sidearms are rapid-fire handgun weapons. They are great for both offensive play and as a back-up. Their quick handling and high accuracy allow you to swap to them to finish off an opponent when your primary weapon runs out of ammo and their quick time to kill makes them great for defending your self from a rushing shot gunner. First the highest fire rate kind. This type includes the JabberHakke-D, Iornwreath-D, Conviction II, and Queens Choice. - These fire at up to 300rpm - Deal 45 damage to the body and 56 to the head - It takes 5 shots to kill with body shots and 4 with headshots (Minimum of 2 headshots needed combined with 2 body) - TTK is about 0.8s with body shots and 0.6s with headshots These sidearms are great for highly offensive play. They have a short range and difficult recoil but a high time to kill. This makes them excellent for combat nearing shotgun range. The damage fall off is fairly slow but starts off very early, which means that you’ll lose effectiveness at range but can still finish off a weak target from a distance. This type of weapon rewards aggressive players who can aim accurately, control the recoil and are good with their movement abilities. They are also your best option as a versatile defensive weapon great to match with a long range primary. Next the slower firing sidearms. This type includes only the Havoc Pigeon and Crow’s Eye. - These fire at up to about 257rpm - Deal 49 damage to the body and 61 to the head - It takes 5 shots to kill with body shots and 4 with headshots (Only 1 headshots needed combined with 3 body. Can kill low armor targets with 4 body shots) - TTK is about 0.94s with body shots and 0.7s with headshots This type of sidearm is not as great for aggressive or defensive play. The slower fire rate means you must be more accurate and the lower TTK will make you less competitive with shotguns and other close range weapons. The advantage is that they have much greater range. Use this type of sidearm like a primary weapon. They will reward accurate paced shooting from a medium range. The perks that I’d recommend for these are: range finder, zen moment, reactive reload, crowd control, and battle runner; in the middle tree look to maximize mag size and/or range. Which type of sidearm do you like? What perks do you like on it? Edit: Queens choice does more damage than others of the same fire rate due to its inaccuracy/bullet travel time (51-52 damage to body, 63-64 damage to head) All other In depth posts:

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