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Exotic Sword Ideas: Factions

So, an idea I had was what if there were a faction exotic sword for all 3 of them. You would receive them at Rank 30 and each one would be unique in its own way. Here's my ideas for each: [b]Past's Future[/b][spoiler] [i][b]"Fate can be said to be unavoidable, but the details are what makes fate interesting"[/b][/i] Aesthetics: Two sais with a manji design. The Blade is half black and half silver with a stripe of red (past)/blue (future). The tsuka (handle) of the sais are the signature FWC purple, with silver accents. Each strike is a thrust forward with the sais. Exotic Sword Impact: 20 (3 hit kill) Range: 15 Defense: 20 Efficiency: 75 Energy: 85 Speed: 60 Energy pool: 55 (base) Attack Speed: Half of a normal sword for each one [u] [b]Primary Perks:[/b][/u] Primary Weapon* Dual Wield** Void Damage [u] [b]Second Slot:[/b][/u] Scabbard [u][b]Exotic Perk:[/b][/u] Past's Future*** [u] [b]Fourth Slot:[/b][/u] Scabbard Tempered Light *This weapon is wielded as your primary weapon **Your scope-in and melee buttons now allow you to attack with your left and right swords respectively. Each sword attacks independently. ***Press your scope-in and shooting buttons at the same time to unleash a cone attack with both swords. Hits enemies in a 135 degree cone in front of you. You cannot attack for the next 1.5 seconds after use and consumes 5 Energy. Deals damage equal to 2 hits.[/spoiler] [b]Righteous Ruler[/b] [spoiler] [i][b]"A great leader can inspire even the smallest of birds to soar to new horizons"[/b][/i] Aesthetics: A Double-edged Broadsword. The blade is a shiny silver. The hilt is golden, with white and red accents. When using Righteous Ruler, a red screen will appear around you, with tendrils of energy reaching out from the top of the sword. Exotic Sword Impact: 40 (2 hit kill) Range: 20 Defense: 20 Efficiency: 75 Energy: 65 Speed: 30 Energy pool: 35 (base) Attack Speed: Same as Raze-Lighter, etc. [u] [b]Primary Perks:[/b][/u] Special Weapon* Solar-Forged Guard Solar Damage [u] [b]Second Slot:[/b][/u] Tempered Light [u][b]Exotic Perk:[/b][/u] Righteous Ruler** [u] [b]Fourth Slot:[/b][/u] Tempered Light Scabbard *This weapon is wielded as your special weapon **While you are using your guard, press your shooting button to create a screen around you (about the width and height of Ward of Dawn). Your block will also block sources of damage that hit the screen. Teammates cannot shoot through the screen. Uses twice the amount of energy that a normal block uses.[/spoiler] [b]Home's Virtue[/b] [spoiler] [i][b]"Even through all the chaos, guardians know we have a home worth fighting for"[/b][/i] Aesthetics: A large halberd with a silver blade. The handle is black with white stripes. White accents decorate the blade. Attacks are diagonal swings, ending with a more powerful downwards swing in the 3rd hit. When using Virtuous Residence, the Dead Orbit logo will appear where you stand and radiate light in a shockwave outward. Exotic Sword Impact: 60 Range: 25 Defense: 20 Efficiency: 75 Energy: 75 Speed: 45 Energy pool: 45 (base) Attack Speed: Same as Raze-Lighter, etc. [u] [b]Primary Perks:[/b][/u] Arc-Forged Guard Arc Damage [u] [b]Second Slot:[/b][/u] Tempered Light [u][b]Exotic Perk:[/b][/u] Home's Virtue* [u] [b]Fourth Slot:[/b][/u] Tempered Light Scabbard *Press your shooting button to create a shockwave at your location, dealing damage and knocking enemies back. Enemies near the center of the shockwave are also blinded. Uses 5 Energy.[/spoiler]

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