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Why should I buy another video game when I have destiny?!?

Let me start off with a disclaimer: If y'all hear thunder dont be scared. ..It's just me flexing my awesome muscles! Now to the purpose of this post ....I was thinking why should I buy another video game when I have destiny? I really don't see any other game that even comes close to destiny. I mean I read everyones post about the division ....some of the posts bored me but I still was slightly interested. Which is why I decided to look it up and I quickly realised that this game was a not good. 3rd person view why would I want to look at my characters backside the whole game. Besides no one likes 3rd person view thats why gears sucks. Of course y'all know my opinions about halo 5 and every time I go on twitch I see halo 5 30 to 40 games back with like 10 people broadcasting. When I do look at them play I swear it looks like Im watching COD AW. That game has no soul Bungie took it with them when they left.....I want to give a shout out to Jason Jones! Y'all know thier is a statue of him on top of Mount Bungie. .....lightning bolt in his right hand ......thats right y'all never been to the top of Mount Bungie so y'all wouldn't know .....Deej can grow a full beard in 24 hrs if that doesn't say badass I don't what does! The new doom looks good but I can see ......Fallout 4 is one of my favorite franchises I Quickly found myself stopping to play destiny again and I see myself doing the same thing with the new doom. Y'all like to hate on Destiny here in #gaming and I figured out why....Bungie is awesome and y'all get jealous. ....just like y'all are jealous of me for climbing Mount Bungie and being bungie forum heavyweight champion. ... Bungie's the main reason I bought a xcast wanted to play halo on it but quickly realized they stopped making halo ....343 was going in a new direction by ripping of COD and calling it halo 5....the UI sucks and and the all seeing eye in the Kinnect made xbox look likd a bunch of perverts.....probably wanting to watch everyone....if you own a ps4 you are cool .....thats right it is cool to own the most powerful console. Well I seem to be rambling on here so I am just going to skip to the end and say I would like to know what y'all think ......I always listen. ......this is where I put my winky face.....;) Love Broken steel 3 Forum heavyweight champion Mount Bungie Bungieton 31111 Treebark I don't know ? This post is brought to you by broken steel 3 your bungie forum heavyweight champion and author of the award winning poem Tears of the Fanboy Lightning bolt down here somewhere?

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