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No Ship Jump Challenge

So, I saw someone do this during one of my LFG raids last week, so i decided to give it a try. It may look easy, and it may just be easy for some, but I found it fairly difficult to do. After getting the jump pattern down it is actually fun to do everywhere you go. Watch the clip, below is the set up if interested to try for yourself. If someone has an easier pattern or method, please post below! To be clear, this isn't just a method for Kings Fall, its also very fun to use on patrols, strikes etc etc. How to do the sword: Just hit the single slice and then the double slice repeatedly (Right bumper then right trigger on Xbox) *can someone confirm what it would be for PlayStation please if different? Set up: Increased Height, Titan Codex II, Titan Codex VI, Twilight Garrison, Sword. [u]Here is the Jump Pattern I did[/u]: 1) Sprint, 2) Jump till you are at the peak/apex of the jump, 3) Twilight evade x2, 4) Sword slices x5, 5) Twilight evade x2, 6*) Jump till apex, sword slices x4, twilight evade x2, 7) Repeat step 6* until complete Here is the link if the other one doesn't work: Enjoy ! :) Edit1: for spelling errors

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