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Изменено (FatedScythe777): 4/30/2016 2:48:49 AM

Being a parent: Damn you work/school!!!!!!!

Another bittersweet moment in the life of a new father. For months now my son has been saying mom and momma. I've been working with him trying to get him to say dad or da da. Go figure he says it when I'm at work. My wife just sent me a text of him saying it repeatedly. :'( He has done quite a few things so far and he is not even a year yet. And every time he's done it I've either been at work or at school. I missed him take his first unassisted steps, I missed him say I love you to my wife. And now he says dad and I'm not there again. It's a happy yet depressing moment in my life. I'm sure other parents have felt this way.

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