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Изменено (Relyks): 4/25/2016 5:08:51 AM

Skolas party disconnect and no rewards.

I've defeated Skolas twice now and no Emblem/Shader/Ship. Various details below. I just need to know what is going on. It's very discouraging to expect something because it doesn't involve RNG, and then not get it. Both times I was the party/fireteam leader. Both attempts were with the same person (only two of us). They are on my friends list. First I invited them to a party, then I invited them to a fireteam. We did use the sword glitch to block the Essence. Not my preferred method, but no choice when DestinyLFG comes up empty. We were on Xbox One. This disconnect issue has never appeared elsewhere for either of us. I have check the postmaster and kiosks. I did not have and treasure keys. Though the large chest did open, and I have received loot form it at other prison levels since the 12/April Update. They have not received the rewards either. I have used Google. First attempt (23/April/2016 - after 5pm PST): Defeated Skolas with 0 wipes. I got a message that "<gamertag> left the party" right as I reached the treasure room. They were still near the top of the shaft. We did not attempt to correct the problem since we could still see each other. We open all the chests (left, right, centre). We got our cores and etheric light, and additional loot from the first chest only. We were using in-game chat the whole time. Second attempt (24/April/2016 - after 6pm PST): Defeated Skolas with a few wipes. I got the same message near the end of the final attempt. I sent an invite, they accepted, and we were once again able to use voice chat. The end-of-round stats screen showed about 83 minutes. Once the treasure room opened, we went down the shaft together, one platform at a time. While standing in front of the large (centre) chest, we verified that we were still in both our party and our fireteam, and that voice chat still worked. We opened the chest (centre, left, right). Since this was the same week, we got nothing at all. We were using party chat the whole time. Solutions I've considered: -Don't glitch the Essence. -Don't use an Xbox party. Only a Destiny fireteam. -Don't go over a certain time limit. -Use 3 people. -Have a treasure key in inventory.

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