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Изменено (MrAlex2t): 4/21/2016 11:46:06 AM

Two ways to help improve Malok Deej/Cosmos

In my opinion (and many others), the strike was too easy compared to most of the other strikes, it can be run through without fighting most enemies if you just sprint. If they didn't add him to PoE, they could make it tougher by simply making him able to walk freely around the shrine instead of being stuck in the outer ring of the area. Things like this would make it more challenging, especially since you can't camp when fighting him. Then make it so that the blight and phalanx spawns are deleted from the spawn, so that you can't be easily picked off the moment you spawn back from dying (or just change the spawn all together!). "He wants you to ultimately capture him alive and imprison in the Prison of Elders" A line from the preview at 1.46. Putting Malok in PoE would have been a good idea because it would have gave them the opportunity to make Malok tougher (kind of like they did with Skolas) using multiple mechanics such as Maloks use of tactic changes, dismantle mines, seek mines and so on. This could have been the final challenge on PoE just like they did with Skolas, and could have been used as challenge based for the hardcore players. [u]Remember this is just what I thought they could do to improve him, but it doesn't matter if you agree or disagree. Share your opinion in the comments section below![/u]

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