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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
4/1/2016 4:57:27 PM

Concerning Sterling Treasure [RANT]

Ok Bungie, time to talk. Take out the option for Sterling Treasure in Eververse. That is going to ruin the fun in the April Update. Why? Well, it seems like the Sterling Treasure is going to be a new item that people will grind for yesss? Why grind for Sterling Treasure when you can just buy it! Remember how the Gjallarhorn was the main item for grind in Year 1. What would've happened if you put a package behind Micro DLC that gave people a chance at getting it? People would waste their money instead of playing the actual game! So when you introduce a new grind in this update, what made you think to allow people to buy the grind? That defeats the whole purpose of playing to begin with! When people reach 335 there would be nothing for them to do if they bought tons of those packages. New gear like that will keep people coming back to the game, but not if you allow them to get all the items without stepping a foot outside the Tower/Reef. It even makes those items less valuable and less awesome when someone can just buy it just like that! What about the people, like myself, who are actually going to earn those items? Isn't that a bit unfair? Oh, Billy got $100 dollars from mommy and bought all the cool new gear, while I've been grinding for it since day one. Grinding is what made Destiny Year 1 fun anyways. So in reality, people are buying grind which eliminates fun. No more epic moments of finally getting the gear you longed for, just -blam!-ing buy it! This wall of text does my point no justice so I suggest you watch the video, but don't feel forced to. I'm writing this for your sake Bungie, not mine, this is a BAD idea...

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