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4/6/2016 11:08:21 PM

We NEED to stop this Now!

This makes me so mad. The guns that they are bringing back from year one are obtained through rank up packages. What's the best way to rank up? Why Vanguard Reputation boosters of course! How do you get them? Sterling Treasure! What's the fastest to get those? Paying money! Wait it gets worse. So currently the Black Ops 3 community is having an outrage over packages obtained with money giving you guns. At first it was mostly cosmetic. Sterling Packages mostly cosmetic. Who owns BLOPS3? Activision. Who owns Destiny? Bungie. Who owns Bungie? Activision. Right now they are testing the waters to see what they can get away with. It looks like they are in the same path as Black Ops 3. What can we do to stop it? Well if we don't buy these boxes they won't include the ability right? Wrong. In Black Ops the sale for supply crates were low. So the added better rewards. And we all know we won't quit Destiny over this. What we can do is mock them and send around the bad news because that hurts their reputation and that hurts their sales. And sales they actually care about.

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