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Изменено (Im just bad): 4/8/2016 9:55:01 AM

3 funny thorn users

I was playing rumble, then I noticed there were 3 thorn users, it got annoying. I killed one of them, I decided to T-bag him for using such cancer. So for the whole game I T-bagged the thorn users every time I killed them. After a while one of them won. When it was about to matchmake again, I got a party invite from one of them. I joined then the first thing I hear from all three of them is "hey, why you t-bagging for?" I just responded "all thorn users will get t-bagged". Then they get on me for using firebolt grenade. Then they started getting on me for wearing the year 2 flawless emblem, they asked if I went flawless for the first time, it was my 2nd time, it would probably be more times if there weren't so many sweaties nowadays in destiny but who can blame me? After I told them, they were acting sarcastic about being impressed as if I was an 8 year old. After that, the next rumble match started, then u got destroyed by they're thorns and snipers, even though it was about 3 kills in the game, they started taunting because I didn't have a kill yet. I switched to a vex mythoclast but since I didn't fully upgrade it I couldn't do much. More cancers came in (thorn, last word ect.), I couldn't get a kill because of all the cancer. Switched to last word, of course, barley any kills. The match finally ended, I got a kd of 0.68 I think, one of the guys screenshot the activity reward board of my kd and sent it to me. I don't get salty about that nonsence, I just simply replied "Next time you do rumble, try not to use cancer" This is the first time I ever dealt with something like this, but it was funny of course. stahp givin meh salt, yoo peeple iz soo meen, am tellins me mum

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