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Изменено (VII): 4/22/2016 11:44:19 PM

My co-worker called me adorable and I laughed it off... FML

[u]CONTEXT:[/u] I have these two female co-workers, [girl1] and [girl2]. [girl1] is a solid 9/10 with her bestie [girl2] not far behind. When they first meet one other each day they complement the other's looks. [u]STORY:[/u] me and [girl2] arrived at work at the same time so I opened the door, and we both went inside. [girl1] immediately says "aww, you look adorable today." and [girl2] replies "aww, thank you!" then [girl1] says words I will never in my life forget. "No, I was talking to [me]" first thing that came to my mind was "lol [girl2] just got rekt" so I laughed, and then went to my office. Only then did it dawn on me. [i]holy f[b]u[/b]ck[/i] [i]she just called me adorable[/i]

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