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3/26/2016 4:47:05 PM

PvP Medal Counts and reference Id Question

I know how to get post match data from any PvP match, but I have two questions regarding the API on how to get meta data for a hobby site that I am building. Is there any way to get medal count without iterating (via calls) over EVERY pvp match that a person has played? I have tried making a handful of calls associated with historical stats and I cannot see another way to do it. The only way I suspect DTR does it is with a database (storing your ongoing medal count) or sifting through every pvp match and adding the medals up. Finally, I have one other question, I have been told that referenceId is a map id but I have look it up in some other way, maybe a JSON object with definitions? Again, I have scratched around the api, made calls, but have seen nothing that I can use. If you guys could shed light on these I would appreciate it. Dieter

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