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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/26/2016 1:44:16 PM

The lies about MM and "The leaving".

Since the last Update there is no forum post or even reddit post about MM near the hot topics. The question is why? Is everybody good with it? Is the MM like it was back in the house of wolfs dlc? I CALL IT BULLSHIT! you can check your own, or my, almost every match is 50/50. There is no Connection Based MM! maybe there is one but its on second or third place in the search. I dont know why but Destiny is the only game that punish his good players. I have to fight every game like a 8-0 trials card match...thats so stupid...and without a fireteam dont even dare to go into skirmish. "we want to save the noobs from the pro's"...this is the biggest bullshit ive ever heard. Nobody saved me from the pros and i was a really bad year 1 pvp player. now im ok with my stats and so, but why do i have to sweat every match? i dont get this shit... But the one thing i know is, people are leaving. And i dont mean they leave the game for another game. NO. they leaving the match if you are not on the winning side. They leave immediately. I cant remember when i play the last match, that had began with 3vs3 and ended with the SAME 6 people. this is all because of the sweaty bullshit, bungie is so proud about that they cant see this is a mistake. by the love of shaxx just go back to the good old matchmaking. where sometimes you get your ass whooped, and sometimes you whoop ass. nothing more. thats it. Bye.

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