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Изменено (Lord Swaggy): 3/26/2016 5:34:26 AM

Thorn solution

Lord Swaggy thinks a weapon of that dark of a background will always bring the darkness out of the greatest guardians. I've seen to many let this thorn bring out their darkness I think it's time to destroy the weapon or at least all who dare to wield it. There's few.....oh shit they found me. Sorry, I'm back guardians as I was saying, few guardians can wield this gun and maintain the respect of others. I think the darkest powers can be used for good so I believe this gun should be brought to the light and called the Rose. Only those who can complete a quest that proves your light is strong enough to wield this gun and stay pure will be able to wield it. It'll be a quest that few will complete and some shall be consumed by darkness in the pursuit of it. The Rose will be the upgraded and fine tuned version of the thorn. It will make you bleed instead of poisoning you and you can heal if you have weapon or ability that allows you to. Also it will be redesigned to show the lovely beauty of a rose but with the pain of the thorn. Thorn will be year one and the Rose shall bloom in year 2. The quest: [spoiler]First you must have thorn maxed out and on your character. You'll receive a quest from the speaker. After grabbing the quest here are the steps. Step one of quest go kill every boss in the VoG raid(oracles, Templar, gorgon (1 at least and don't die), gatekeeper(1 of the three), then atheon. Do all of this while thorn is equipped. Step two you get a mission you go to the VoG and find an alternate time line where thorn is good and is called the Rose. You get the blueprint after killing a boss that opens a door you scan a ghost for the blueprint. This is timed and has to be soloed. (Weapons of choice) Step three bring blueprint to gunsmith he says a thorn of filled only of pure light can be used to construct the Rose. Sends you to speaker Step four speaker tells you to go through these challenges that will reed your thorn of darkness or darn your light. Challenges:thorn has to be equipped for all of these. ?.) go flawless in trials with thorn equipped for all matches. (I'm not to certain of this one anymore) 1.)reach rank 5 in iron banner. 2.)mayhem playlist and go victorious 3 times(first place for rumble or most points in clash) 3.)win 3 rift matches with the most points. Step five you go to the speaker and he'll give you this mission that you have to kill the heart of the black garden alone with modifiers and at light level 300 because it has found the darkness that has been drained out of your weapon and the crucible. Step six after completing the mission you go to speaker he gives you this item called purest of light. You infuse it to your thorn and then take it to the gunsmith and he gives you the Rose on the next armsday. Ideas and thoughts. [/spoiler] Please favorite, bump or leave your thoughts and ideas in a comment.

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