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Foundries: Arming the next generation of Guardians

[b][u]Increase the number of weapon types that Foundries make[/u][/b] This isn't so much something that needs to be fixed, more something that just bothers me way more then it should. And that's that not all foundries make all weapons. Some for obvious reasons, some, not so obvious [b][u]Suros:[/u][/b] assault rifles, pulse rifles, scout rifles, and rocket launchers [b][u]Omolon:[/u][/b] hand cannons, scout rifles, sniper rifles and fusion rifles [b][u]Hakke:[/u][/b] hand cannons, pulse rifles, auto rifles, side arms, shotguns and sniper rifles Some weapon Foundries don't seem to be suited to making types of weapons; Hakke = Fusion Rifles, Omolon = heavy weapons... but through a bit of creative engineering, it could be possible to explain away why it's possible for them to exist. The weapon types for each Foundry that have yet to make it in game are; [b][u]Suros:[/u][/b] hand cannons, side arms, shotguns, sniper rifles, and machine guns [b][u]Omolon:[/u][/b] pulse rifle, auto rifle, shotguns, side arms, machine guns and rocket launchers [b][u]Hakke:[/u][/b] scout rifles, fusion rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers Because of how differently the Foundries are tailored, having these types of weapons come in could possibly add some new variety while also give weapons a more variation in appearance. The possibilities are numerous. [b][u]Increasing the number of weapon foundries [/u][/b] [b][u]Tex Mechanica:[/u][/b] made The Last Word, The First Curse and The Chapperon [b][u]Cassoid:[/u][/b] made Invective [b][u]Crux/Lumar:[/u][/b] made Truth, Dragon's Breath and Gjallarhorn [b][u]Daito:[/u][/b] made Jade Rabbit [b][u]Nadir:[/u][/b] NA Compared to [b]Suros, Hakke[/b] and [b]Omolon[/b], these Foundries seem to be more oriented around making specialized weapons for specific types (except Nadir); [b][u]Tex Mechanica:[/u][/b] Hand Cannons and Shotguns [b][u]Cassoid:[/u][/b] Shotguns, possibly Snipers and Fusion Rifles judging from the look and feel of Invective [b][u]Crux/Lumar:[/u][/b] Heavy weapons [b][u]Daito:[/u][/b] Scout Rifles, could possibly do Pulse Rifles and Snipers [b][u]Nadir:[/u][/b] Originally Puls Rifles and Shotguns, but brings in Machine Guns with Rise of Iron. Follows a look of smooth curved edges with as little separate parts as possible [b][u]Branching out of Weapon Foundries into Armor[/u][/b] Presently we only have the 8 Weapon Foundries, and only 3 of them make legendary weapons. Apart from only expanding on the weapons side, Foundries could also delve into a sort of "experimental" armor that benefits weapons made from the same Foundry, E.G.; Hakke Gauntlets reduce recoil of Hakke weapons, Suros Boots lets you pick up more ammo for Suros weapons at a time. As Hakke, Suros and Omolon are the "generalized" Foundries, they would make armor for all classes while the others could be more specialized to a class based on the type of weapons they make; [b][u]Tex Mechanica:[/u][/b] Medium armor with a hint towards the "Old West" style mentioned in ancient texts. [b][u]Cassoid:[/u][/b] Armor imbued with power only known to Cassoid. [b][u]Crux/Lumar:[/u][/b] Heavy class armor made from a tank to be a tank. [b][u]Daito:[/u][/b] Light armor built for maneuverability and agility while not compromising defenses. [b][u]Nadir:[/u][/b] ??? [b][u]Purchase location of Foundry gear:[/u][/b] We have all been curious about what could be behind the large door near the speaker and there are indeed many things that could go there. One such thing could be a sort of "market place" where Foundry stalls could be set up to sell their gear. While the Vanguard and Crucible outfitters offer generalized weapons that are good in both PvP and PvE or tilted towards one more then the other, the gear sold by the Foundry Vendors would be specialized towards either PvP or PvE. Offering some freedom in customization, you could be allowed to select what the weapon looks like, select perks for the optional slots ("major" perks would be preset). You could also select an element for your weapons. Selecting perks would cost you weapon parts and selecting an element would cost you Helium Filaments (Solar), Spin Metal (Arc) or Spirit Bloom (Void) based on what element you want. This would allow a more specialized and personal weapon for players to truly love. Customized weapons would be delivered on the next Armsday. [b][u]Armsday: special orders[/u][/b] Something many seem to be having an issue with is special orders taking up slots in their inventory, which is a very valid concern and many would like to put the in our vault. I would like to offer something else as a solutions. A kiosk next to the Gunsmith: rather then buy our special orders through Banshee-44, we would purchase them via the kiosk and the orders would be stored on the kiosk for all characters to withdraw and claim on Armsday. The orders themselves would still be claimed via Banshee-44 himself so there would be no change in his importance. [b][u]Edit:[/u][/b] Re-worked the whole post

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