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3/18/2016 10:31:47 AM

Console Freezing after Warpriest and Golgoroth in the King's Fall raid. Has this happened to you?

This has happened to me on PS3


This has happened to me on PS4


This has happened to me on Xbox 360


This has happened to me on Xbox One


Hey all, For the past few months there has been an issue in the King's fall raid where your console freezes after you defeat golgoroth and Warpriest. It usually happens when people go to their menus after the fights but it also happens randomly. In a typical raid run we usually lose 4 out of 6 raid members who then have to restart their consoles. I have experienced this with various groups and hopefully it can be investigated. I am a PS3 player, have you guys experienced this on other consoles? Poll options available. Thanks.

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